We’re going Meetup-CRAZY here at FMP. Our devs not only attended the Feb 23 Elixir London Meetup, we officially co-sponsored it!

In the heart of the City of London’s financial district, near Finsbury Square, the London Elixir fans came together that evening at Code Node, the Skills Matter 23,000 sqft Tech Events and Community venue. We were going to do this in style.

The two talks presented that evening were “Making sense of time in distributed systems” by Ju Liu and “BEAM stack under my umbrella” by Emanuel Mota.

Making sense of time in distributed systems

The first talk, “Making sense of time in distributed systems”, dealt with techniques on how to handle timing and communication between processes in distributed system. The team considered this a really interesting talk, though definitely an advanced topic. It was mostly theoretical, covering things like Lamport timestamps and Vector clocks. It was geektastic.

The pitch

Before the talks started, our own Richard Kotze (a.k.a. Mobile Richard…a.k.a. Mobile…a.k.a. Mobes), gave a brief chat about the kind of work we do at FMP, and about our technology stack. FYI, we use lots of Elixir! As well as GraphQL and React. He also gave a shout out to our mighty FMP Tech Blog. And, oh yeah, we’re hiring! The crowd also got another brief chat from the other co-sponsor carwow. But, we’re way better. :smiley:

BEAM stack under my umbrella

The second talk, “BEAM stack under my umbrella”, was more of a case study around how they built a chat app using Elixir. This app was able to make a restaurant order and enabled you to track the order in-app. The team enjoyed that it was a more practical talk, focusing on how they created the app, how they handled multiple events and aggregated them in a message queue system (RabbitMQ). They felt it was an intermediate level talk, and they enjoyed how they focused on what issues they ran into and how they solved them. Like the precious talk, there was a lively Q&A session immediately after.

Also, since we were co-sponsors, we got to provide copious amounts of FREE BEER at the Meetup. You’re welcome, Elixir community!

Oh, and did I mention WE’RE HIRING!!! If you love all things Elixir, or fancy going in that direction as part of your next job, let us know.

Also, if you want to get more information about Elixir Meetups in London, check out they’re Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/Elixir-London/